Published October 15, 2017

Handmaids take the resistance to Olympia

Fearing the worst for women’s rights under Trump, handmaids protest at the Washington State Capitol.

On a crisp, sunny fall day, more than fifty women gathered in front of the Washington State Capitol in Olympia dressed as handmaids to protest Trump’s policies.
Published September 26, 2017

This is What Democracy Looks Like

A decade of protest photography by George P. Hickey

Published September 20, 2017

After Trump, an uprising among women in rural Washington

Energized by the 2016 election, female candidates are seeking change — and office — in Klickitat County.

Published August 31, 2017

A surprising find: Eurasian city poised for a Seattle-style takeoff

At an Expo in Kazakhstan, Mossback finds ambitious nations taking climate science seriously

Published August 30, 2017

A tail-wagging, post-Hurricane Harvey story

Shelter dogs from Texas were flown to Seattle, making room for dogs being rescued from the flooding

Published August 24, 2017

Why am I a threat?

A Muslim PhD student gets targeted as a security risk; now he wants to know why

Published August 21, 2017

In total awe

Witnessing the solar eclipse in tiny Madras, Oregon 

Published August 9, 2017

On the 49th day, a time to remember

At a Buddhist temple, a Vietnamese family mourns a 20-year-old police shooting victim

Published July 28, 2017

Lessons from the road

What Seattleites learned crossing Washington state from east to west

Published July 27, 2017

Raising wheat, seeing starvation and worrying about fire

Near Davenport, a story about a wildfire turns into the real thing

Published July 26, 2017

Soul-searching in plateau country

Water, power and open spaces around Waterville are an inspiring escape from life in the urban Bubble.

Published July 25, 2017

A tale of two Wenatchee farmers

The business of growing cherries requires hi-tech and old-school tricks

Published July 24, 2017

In Cashmere: Aplets, Cotlets and a housing crisis

‘What the hell is an Aplet?’ Or, more importantly, where did it come from and who gave it to us?

Published July 21, 2017

Hippie liberals leave a mark along Highway 2

The 'Sky' country of Snohomish County is a place changed by timber, spotted owls and pot

The 'Sky' country of Snohomish County is a place changed by timber, spotted owls and pot
Published July 20, 2017

Why a road trip across Washington?

Seattlelites aim to bridge the East-West, Red-Blue divide

Published July 11, 2017

They’ll make dance here

The Tacoma Urban Performing Arts Center opens its doors

Published July 10, 2017

Charleena Lyles laid to rest

Story by Lilly Fowler | Photos by Chloe Collyer
Published June 29, 2017

#SeaHomeless in sketches

Urban sketchers draw Seattle's homeless crisis

Published June 22, 2017

These murals will change the way you look at Tacoma

Native American muralists thread together past and present with a picture of destruction, invasion and redemption

Rosemary Ponnekanti for Crosscut
Published June 15, 2017

In a more crowded Seattle, Discovery Park provides a lesson

Can density and open space co-exist?

Published June 1, 2017

A mournful gong ringing

Counting the homeless and, across town, clearing them out 

Story by David Kroman |
Published May 31, 2017

No fear

Seattle commuters reflect on Portland train stabbings

Seattle commuters reflect on Portland train stabbings
Lizz Giordano for
Published April 27, 2017

Washington is ‘shockingly’ unprepared for a nuclear attack

The state’s emergency preparedness laws require the state to develop plans for all potential disasters, except one...

Published April 15, 2017

A Tax March, a Black Lives Matter protest take over Seattle

Published April 6, 2017

Studying for U.S. Citizenship one stitch at a time

Story & photos by Karen Ducey

Published March 23, 2017

On Aurora Avenue: 'Radical hospitality'

Published March 20, 2017

From Uwajimaya to internment and back again

Around the time Uwajimaya became successful, the family behind the store was taken into an Internment Camp. They look back.

Published March 15, 2017

Washington’s legal pot experiment: Can it survive Trump?

Under Obama, the federal government left states alone. The current White House has made no such promises.

Published March 13, 2017

A museum for the pinball obsessed

The Seattle Pinball Museum offers fifty blinking machines for when you want to play hooky from the mundane

The Seattle Pinball Museum offers fifty blinking machines for when you want to play hooky from the mundane
Published January 21, 2017

Seattle resists: Scenes from the ‘sister march'

Published January 20, 2017

Inauguration 2017: Dispatches from Seattle — and Trump Country

Images and stories from around Washington state.

Published December 22, 2016

The orcas are starving

Published December 8, 2016

Social workers fleeing troubled foster care system

Lousy pay, a toxic workplace and excessive workloads are driving away the people who serve vulnerable kids and their families.

Published November 23, 2016

Life, death and the dinner table

At a four-day hunting school in backwoods Washington, students ponder what it means to eat meat, and whether they’d be willing to kill for it.

At a four-day hunting school in backwoods Washington, students ponder what it means to eat meat, and whether they’d be willing to kill for it.
Published November 12, 2016

Just how secure is Seattle’s economy?

The region may be more vulnerable to a recession than we assume

Published November 3, 2016

How tech is changing Seattle’s art scene

Technology is reshaping the way local artists do their work and opening up possibilities they never could have imagined

Published October 27, 2016

Foster parents abandoning troubled system

Washington state lost nearly one in five foster homes between 2008 and 2015 amid complaints of discord and disarray.

Washington state lost nearly one in five foster homes between 2008 and 2015 amid complaints of discord and disarray.
Published October 25, 2016

Map: Where you can survive on WA's minimum wage

Published October 18, 2016

8 districts will decide who controls the Washington Legislature

The statehouse is in play for both parties

Published October 13, 2016

How Seattle blew its chance at a subway system

A look back at the failed Forward Thrust initiative

Published September 28, 2016

The day I age out of foster care

A three-part series profiling the journeys of Mykell and Corey as they “age out” of Washington State’s extended foster-care system.

Published September 25, 2016

Rigged game: inequality on the rise in legal pot industry

How people of color are blocked from Washington’s legal pot marketplace

Published September 20, 2016

Councilmember asks if Seattle has lost touch with reality

After a bruising fight over police station, Debora Juarez wonders if she belongs on Seattle City Council

Published September 19, 2016

Foster Care Crisis

More than a decade after the courts ordered the state to clean up its foster care program, kids are still left rootless, vulnerable.

Published September 11, 2016

The life of a devil’s advocate

From war criminals to Ted Bundy, John Henry Browne has defended the worst

Published September 8, 2016

How one actually "makes it" in Seattle arts

Published September 1, 2016

True grit: Alice Lord demanded respect for working women — and won

Published August 24, 2016

What next for Seattle’s homeless?

Their future depends on answering hard questions about what type of community we want this to be.

Published August 16, 2016


After a lifetime of wrestling with his gender identity, Julian Morris had a chance to make things right. But it would come at a price.

Published August 9, 2016

Dance, drumming and lessons on life

At the Seattle area’s first-ever AileyCamp, young dancers learn to stand tall, and to support each other.

Published August 4, 2016

Julia Ruuttila, progressive crusader

She fought for economic justice and women’s rights — and knew that the two were inseparable.

Published July 19, 2016

Seattle’s 30-year fight to end homelessness

We’ve led the country in the search for solutions, so why is the problem just getting worse?

Published July 14, 2016

Whose land is it?

An Asian-American former sportswriter finds his place in the outdoors.

Published June 28, 2016

Homeless in Seattle: The roots of a crisis

At last count, there were 4,500 people living on the streets of Seattle and King County. It wasn’t always this way...

Published June 28, 2016

The faces of homelessness

Published June 17, 2016

Another frequency: the visions of Kahlil Joseph

Beyonce, Kendrick Lamar collaborator summons spirits at Frye Art Museum

Drew Atkins
Published May 23, 2016

The color of race

Six Seattle creatives rap on the role of race in art, the challenges of working with a largely white audience, and the importance of raising more voices like their own.

Published May 3, 2016

Your official GiveBIG cheatsheet

26 local nonprofits with big impacts

Published April 29, 2016

40,000 miles of open ocean — and a boat full of rookies

The biennial Clipper Round the World Yacht Race puts total novices aboard some of the fastest sailboats on the sea. Two have died this year already.

The Clipper Round the World Yacht Race puts total novices aboard some of the fastest sailboats on the sea. Two have died this year already.
Published April 19, 2016

Seattle’s all-female football team: This isn’t the lingerie league

The women of the Seattle Majestics make huge sacrifices for their sport, full-tackle football. For many, the reward is nothing short of salvation.

In a time when headlines shout about the damage football does to players' brains and bodies, the women of the Seattle Majestics say the game saves lives.
Cambria Roth
Published March 25, 2016

Seattle’s working women of World War II: An oral history

How the future of women in the workplace was shaped in Puget Sound

Published March 24, 2016

Sound check: the quietest place in the U.S.

Gordon Hempton and the three decade search for pure silence

Published March 21, 2016

How family life is held against women in tech

Major firms act to improve policies, prevent exodus of female staff

Published March 18, 2016

The hard fall of a community hero

Mohamed Said was Seattle’s first Somali police officer. His departure re-opens a rift between the city and some of its most troubled residents.

Published March 17, 2016

In a city of lovable transit losers, a rare victory

With light rail extension, is Seattle breaking its failure streak?

Published March 16, 2016

Who killed Donnie Chin?

The death of the International District’s self-appointed protector leads police into the heart of another troubled community

Published March 7, 2016

Microsoft’s ‘Chief People Person’ speaks on tech’s diversity problems

Samantha Larson
Published February 29, 2016

The solution to tech’s gender issues don’t just lie in education

Drew Atkins
Published February 26, 2016

Born a slave, Emma Ray was the saint of Seattle’s slums

A leader in battles against poverty, for temperance

Lorraine McConaghy
Published February 17, 2016

Following Flint, unanswered questions about Washington’s lead poisoning

State testing for at-risk children lags behind the nation 

Drew Atkins
Published February 17, 2016

Understanding Seattle's high-rise boom

Looking at the money, and what it’s betting on

Paul Roberts
Published January 29, 2016

A woman “found guilty of thinking”

The times of Louise Olivereau, Seattle’s World War I radical

Lorraine McConaghy
Published January 27, 2016

The making of a burlesque dancer

What a Burlesque 101 class taught me about my body, beauty and friends who aren’t afraid to glitter your butt

Reagan Jackson
Published January 16, 2016

An eviction in Ballard

Photography by Noah Forbes
By Katy Sewall
Published January 12, 2016

Is there still room for artists in Seattle?

Cambria Roth
Published December 17, 2015

A fading community

With the exodus of Seattle’s African American community, so goes the promise of a community clinic.

David Kroman
Published December 8, 2015

Hacking the Feds

As architect of a major online fraud network, Bryan Seely made amends by committing federal crimes.

By Drew Atkins
Published November 24, 2015

The High Life

In a time of world wars, June Burn forged a life of adventure and simplicity.

By Lorraine McConaghy